The number of entrepreneurs using video for social media, sales and branded content is growing, and for a good reason. People of all age group watch web series. It’s all because each episode is packed with content and very quickly mo… According to Cisco, global internet traffic from videos will make up 80 percent of all internet traffic by 2019.. It’s a fresh way to keep audiences coming back to your brand week after week. Is there a way to tell which web design solution would be best for your company’s brand, scale and business niche? Think long term gains,” Ricks advised other small businesses. You only have a few seconds to demonstrate what your business is about so it’s important your website presents your message with clarity. We have handpicked 18 best Indian web series on YouTube that you should watch right now or save to watch it offline later. The OYO success story: Ritesh Agarwal world’s youngest self made billionaire... How Vijay Shekhar Sharma started – Life of Paytm’s founder. This book is not only motivational but also a call to action for those who have yet to make a mark in their field. Well, you can always look at bright examples. This show teaches us about the reality and pressures of a pitch presentation and also teaches aspiring entrepreneurs to evaluate their idea like the sharks. See Also: 18 Best Indian Web Series on YouTube That You Should be Watching Right Now 1. 6 TV shows or web series which every entrepreneur must watch, From failing to crack IIT to assisting aspirants, Aditi Avasthi’s ed-tech…, Using UV Technology, Sanitary Waste Management Startup, PadCare Labs develops two…, ShakeDeal, a B2B startup has leveraged its health portfolio to fight…, Increase in Indian startups as Blue-collar workers enter the startup ecosystem, Bengaluru becomes the first Indian city to be in the world’s…, Ankita Kumawat, an IIM grad, quit her high paying job to…, Arun Kharat’s journey from a two room Chawl to an annual…, Our top 5 tips on being your best self and finding…, Where to start as an online retail entrepreneur if you actually…, How to stay focused and motivated while starting a business, Here’s how a 34 year old single broke mother became the…, Everything you need to know about early stage VC funds, Address Advisors, an Indian firm writing new standards for real estate…, 16 year old Arushi Agarwal, founder of Unknown16 is providing free…, From leaving home at 15 to starting Ruban Accessories, Chinu Kala’s…, Everything that you should know about aged care courses in Sydney, How to tell the wiring needs work when buying a small…, Starting a Retail Business? //